Extra Candle Insert Drip Cups | Set Of 9

$ 10.00 Regular price

You thought that you put all of the metal candle inserts in the box until next year, but where are so many missing?!  Or, your home decor now has gold accents and you want to coordinate your home’s style with your menorah.  Great news! 

Apeloig Collection inserts are now sold separately. The menorah comes with a set of nine silver inserts. These inserts are sold separately to replace missing inserts or to change metal finishes.

Available in gold or silver.


Hanukkah Menorah Turns Into A Flower Display

The joy of Hanukkah is celebrated year round with an oil menorah that easily transforms into a flower display to be enjoyed all year.


One Menorah, One Hundred Uses

A menorah so well loved that fans are using it to hold ice cream cones, serve snacks, organize office items and cosmetics, display shalach manot, and 95 other uses.