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Elegant in its simplicity - Breathtaking Acrylic Mezuzahs

Challah Cover Pebbles

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New to the Apeloig Collection line of Challah Covers is a "pebbles" pattern that brings modern elegance to your table.  Within the pattern are the Hebrew words "Shabbat Ve Yom Tov" which translates to Sabbath and Holidays. Created in a shimmering leatherette fabric and available in silver and champagne colorways. The exquisite challah cover adds to the meaning of honoring Shabbat and holidays, making it the perfect gift for a bride, new homeowner, or for a host.

Fabric is laser-cut and placed on top of translucent tulle to ensure the challah bread remains covered during the blessing of the wine according to Jewish law.

One of the most recent trends to emerge in the fashion industry, laser cutting is prized for the unparalleled quality it produces. Laser cutting captures details far too delicate and precise to be created by hand. And because the laser leaves the fabric essentially untouched, each challah cover is as untainted by the manufacturing process as possible, without any fraying, seams, or post-processing necessary. We take 30 full minutes to cut each challah cover because we know this is the only way to produce the striking details that make this challah cover unlike any other.

Pattern Design: Pebbles

Material: Velvet or Leatherette topped with tulle (92% nylon, 8% elastane)

Measurements: L14” x W18.5”


Each challah cover comes packaged in a plastic pouch with a button closure.

 Specially made for storing the challah cover, the pouch prevents the cover from wrinkling and protects it from dust and other potentially damaging things nearby. Beyond providing great storage, each pouch makes the challah cover a great gift for any Jewish occasion.


Find Your Perfect Match

With more than five Challah Board colors and six Challah Covers, try different combinations to create a unique look that’s inspired by the holiday or season.


Worry Less and Celebrate More

Stored in a special folder that comes with the challah cover, you never have to worry about wrinkles or dust.  Always ready for a celebration!