Evil Eye Baby Safety Pin

$ 150.00

  • silver
  • gold

Our Evil Eye baby safety pin in collaboration with Miriam Merenfeld Jewelry is the perfect accessory to keep your baby protected and surrounded by good luck.

The design and aesthetic of the baby brooch is sleek and stylish in an effort to offer both protection and glamour to your newborn, also making it a great baby gift.

This brooch is adorned with four typical Jewish symbols representative of protection, and life. The evil eye, Hamsa, Chai and Maguen David all emit good health, blessings and safety onto the baby.

Our brooch is ideal to attach to a stroller, crib, or clothing and as the baby grows up, he or she can transfer the charms onto a necklace to wear throughout his or her life!

The bar above the charms can be customized with your desired text, such as the baby's name or a special date.


Gold or Sterling Silver Pin Star of David 1/2" with diamond embedded 

  • Charm size: 1/2” (approx.)
  • Pin size: 1 1/2”


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