Oil Menorah

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A chic acrylic menorah that brings joy throughout the year? Yes! Once Chanukkah is over, your Apeloig Collection menorah transforms into a stylish flower vase to be enjoyed year-round. A true statement piece, Apeloig Collecion’s latest creation showcases our love of contemporary design and our mission to honor Jewish heritage.
Available in five translucent shades: blue, white, smoke, burgundy and multicolor. 
Customize the placement of the shamash!  The menorah's shamash is a removable acrylic piece that can be placed in the center, on the left holder, or left off entirely.
When ready for use as a flower vase, simply remove the metal cups and store them in the beautiful storage box.  Fill each hole ¾ full of water and arrange with flowers of your choice. We love using it as a centerpiece for Shabbat dinner.
- Material: Acrylic
- Available in 5 colors
- Dimensions: W 13.5'' x H 4'' x D 1.5''
- Designed for use with oil cup – not wax – candles
- Oil Cup Candles not included 

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Hanukkah Menorah Turns Into A Flower Display

The joy of Hanukkah is celebrated year round with an oil menorah that easily transforms into a flower display to be enjoyed all year.


One Menorah, One Hundred Uses

A menorah so well loved that fans are using it to hold ice cream cones, serve snacks, organize office items and cosmetics, display shalach manot, and 95 other uses.