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Elegant in its simplicity - Breathtaking Acrylic Mezuzahs

Mezuzah X-Large

$ 100.00 Regular price

Elegant in its simplicity, Apeloig Collection modern mezuzah reminds us that the most beautiful part of the mezuzah is the text within. Available in a variety of 14 vibrant colors, each handcrafted mezuzah is made out of acrylic that ensures the mezuzah scroll housed inside is always visible.

Each Apeloig Collection mezuzah comes in beautiful custom packaging that’s perfect for gift giving. Inside each package you’ll find a double-sided tape that’s specially designed to give your mezuzah the appearance of floating gracefully on your doorpost.  If you run out of tape, simply visit our website to get more.

X- Large mezuzahs are well-suited for House or Apartment entrance doors. These are simply our guidelines; embrace your creativity when it comes to designing your home!

Product Details

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: W 1’’ H 7.48’’ D 1’’
  • Fits 15cm / 5.90 inches scrolls
  • Includes double-sided tape
  • Mezuzah scroll is not included.  

Customer Reviews

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The Present of Modern Traditions

A newly married couple, a newborn baby, a bar mitzvah boy. Give the gift that is modern and respects tradition, creating a meaningful experience for future generations.


Easy In - Easy out

Whether you've moved your mezuzah, had it checked or need to replace the tape, our double-sided (permanent yet removable) tape with 3M technology is designed for ease of use.