6 More Things We Love About Purim

6 More Things We Love About Purim

Purim is a joyous occasion that’s filled with lots of sweet treats, creative costumes, and a great story filled with cheers and jeers.  Upon reflecting what we love most about the holiday, a few more reasons became obvious. We decided that it would make the perfect blog post. So here goes!

1 -  The Reinvented Mishloach Manot.  We love giving “portions” or gifts of food to friends and family, and each year we are inspired to try new ways of doing it.  While the reasons why we do it are varied, it’s a ritual that we embrace because it is just as much fun to give as to receive. 

This year we teamed up with the dynamic duo at Crafty Brains to create the ultimate Mishloach Manot. Using the Apeloig Collection clear menorah, each section is filled with complimentary gourmet candies in a rainbow of colors.  Fulfilling the mitzvah of drinking, a shot of Absolut Purim has been added!  Hurry! It’s only available until February 26th.

2 - Adding to the List of Reinvented Hamantaschen Recipes. A while back we blogged about Our 15 Favorite Hamantaschen Recipes Reinvented. In the age of Instagram, hamantaschen seems to have undergone a gourmet makeover. This year we would like to add one more recipe that we are excited to try: Savoury Spinach, Ricotta and Squash Hamantaschen

Photo: DeliciousDish

3 - Getting the Kids to Participate. We love the way that children of all ages can participate in the Purim festivities.  Dressing up in their favorite costumes, drowning out the name of the evil villain, helping to prepare Mishloach Manot gifts for friends and family, baking hamantaschen, and forgetting about bedtime, are all part of the family friendly fun.  Part of creating Judaica products that honor Jewish rituals while paying tribute to a modern design aesthetic is that it excites us to celebrate in a way that it fits in perfectly with our lifestyle and personal style -- kids and all.

4  - It’s a Story About Girl Power. While Hanukkah is about the brave warriors, the Maccabees, Purim is the story of Queen Esther who bravely thwarted an attempt to kill all of the Jews. Purim commemorates Esther's courage in saving the Jewish people, sending their evil nemesis to the gallows, and saving the day.  As Apeloig Collection has two female founders, it’s a story that is close to our hearts and is also inspiring. 

5 - Putting Costumes on our Mezuzah Cases. We’ve all had fun with finger puppets and that gave us inspiration to put costumes on our mezuzah cases for Purim.  We’ve made it a family tradition to add stickers and other art supplies to create Esther, Mordechai, and even a few modern day superheroes!   When the holiday is over it all comes off and we can start planning for next year.

6 - Using our Challah board to serve yummy Hamantaschen - If you don’t have time to make your own hamantaschen, we are also fans of the bakery or store bought variety.  Just use the challah board and add a few flowers or other festive decorations -- it’s all you need to elevate the spirit of the holiday!    

No matter why you love Purim, because truly there are so many reasons, delight in what makes the occasion special for your and your family.  Each year make an effort to ask your family and friends what they like best and incorporate something new into your celebration.

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