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Red, White and blue, Apeloig collection style

Of course it is not only our Jewish customs and culture that have allowed us to design our unique products and build our brand. We owe much of our success and our understanding of the market and business to our experience living  in the United States....

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What to do with a damaged mezuzah scroll?

One common area of concern and doubt that we’ve noticed among our customers is what to do with a damaged mezuzah scroll. Many people grow worried when they find out that their mezuzah scroll is not in its perfect form and lean on superstition to fall under a conviction that this will bring bad luck. 

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The best gift for dad is to honor your last name

Oftentimes we associate Father’s Day with a celebration for dad, treating him and spoiling him with all his favorite meals, plans, activities, gifts and more. 

Father’s Day is the one day a year where we pause...

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