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Our New Multicolor Mezuzah has Arrived!

There’s something tranquil and calming about a neutral interior that is made up of colors found in nature like wood and sand.  These rooms add interest with layered textures, the warmth of daylight, a collection of houseplants, and perfectly placed artwork.  Embracing this timeless design is perfect for the chaotic moment we are living in now and is likely the reason why our neutral colored mezuzahs have been popular for so long, particularly over the past year.

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Balaboosta of The Month: Hedy Katz - Auschwitz Holocaust Survivor

On April 7th we commemorate Yom HaShoa, also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day. April’s Balaboosta of the Month honors the solemn day by interviewing one of our favorite Yiddishe mamas, our dear family friend and inspiration, Hedy Katz. 

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Six Challah Recipes to Love this Shabbat

There are so many things to love about Shabbat. It’s a time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the week, we enjoy setting a beautiful table and eating a relaxing meal with our family, and nothing tastes better than a fresh challah. Like so many others, we too have been experimenting with baking over the past year and have focused our attention on bread. 

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