About Us

Meet Apeloig Collection

See what happens when time-honored tradition lands at the forefront of design.

Apeloig Collection strives to create Judaica products that honor Jewish rituals while paying tribute to a sleek, modern design aesthetic. At Apeloig Collection, we believe that “traditional” shouldn’t translate to “typical,” and creating elegant design never has to mean compromising the true essence of each ritual object. Our products are designed for the contemporary family who chooses to celebrate traditions in style.


Why "Apeloig" ?

Like the rituals, their Judaica products are created to honor the family last name "Apeloig" which has been passed down from generation to generation. Daniela and Gabriela's grandfather, the only member of their family to survive the Holocaust, passed the name down to his daughter and his son, who later became the proud father of three daughters but no sons who would pass on the family name. As they had found creative new ways to honor their Jewish traditions, they found a creative way to pass on their heritage through the family name. And that’s how “Apeloig” Collection was born.