A Passover Holiday Table Inspired by the Great Outdoors

A Passover Holiday Table Inspired by the Great Outdoors

We've been spending a lot more time outside and have appreciated the many ways it gives a fresh spin to activities normally taking place indoors.  There is something special about celebrating with a cool breeze and the sounds of nature that simply leaves us energized and mesmerized. It made us think that the magic of the Passover holiday would be even more significant if the outdoors was made a part of it all.

This year we decided to have one of our small Seders outside. When we thought about it, most of the Passover story takes place in nature, albeit the desert, and this would be one more way to tie the past to our present!

Even if you’re having an intimate group for your Pesach seder, there is always a reason to add a festive mood to your dining table. The possibilities are endless. We are always finding inspiration around us, so we focused on the greenery of the grass and shrubs, foliage in the trees and plantings, and colors of the earth and sky.  Our tablescape uses garden inspired decor, natural colors, and a sentimental set of china with a vine print that was a wedding gift. 

The centerpiece of our table is the Apeloig Collection Seder Plate. Available in white and silver, it bears the ceremonial foods around which the Seder is based. Our version features a beautiful, ethereal design that lets each element shine.  Being outside makes the light play on the translucent acrylic in a magical way.  In Hebrew, the word “Pesach” is delicately etched in the center of the dish, surrounded by six wells designed for each of the symbolic Passover elements.

The new luxe leather matzah cover and afikomen bag, seen here in the stunning Geometric Pattern, captures the light with an almost divine effect.  For this contemporary Passover collection, we have created a design that starts with our original Star of David pattern and morphs into scattered geometric lines; including the hebrew word "Pesach."

 For those worried about not having a large backyard or open space, there is no need to fret! Even a small porch or urban balcony can play host to that well designed and decorated outdoor festive meal.  Now that the weather is getting warmer in most parts of the country and we’ve invested in our firepits and outdoor heaters, celebrating outside is like a fantasy come true!  

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