A sweet and Meaningful Tradition

A sweet and Meaningful Tradition

If you’ve been following us for some time now, you know how much we love Shabbat and the High Holidays. 

This year, they happen to fall on the same night, so you can only imagine how excited we feel. Being that we are celebrating two holy days in the Jewish calendar, we are inclined to make it extra special. 

Rosh Hashanah has always been a time that we cherish being surrounded by our loved ones, gathering to eat festive meals and enjoying each others’ presence.  

These last few months spending more time at home, and limiting our social interactions with peers, we’ve learned that you don’t need a lot to be your happiest self. The most basic necessities are enough to keep us fulfilled and the wholesomeness we feel makes us enter the new Jewish year with a sense of humility, gratitude and sensitivity. 

We’ve slowed down the past six months, we’ve focused on what goes on internally, and how to make our homes and families our priority. These realizations gave us greater perspective into how we want to introduce year 5781 in the Jewish calendar. 

We’d love to kickstart this year by honoring our legacy and the generosity our past generations have taught us, while thanking our loving and supportive Apeloig Collection Community.

For the month of September we’ll be offering the Holiday Bundle, where with every Challah Board purchase, we will gift you a Challah Cover and make a $20 donation to WIZO equivalent to a honey jar.

The inclusion of the honey jar donation stems from an anecdote that is very special to us, the most gratifying part of our decision to create the Holiday Bundle.

One story that we’ve never shared on our platforms is the social work and community service that our maternal grandmother Ghitta Schloser Z"L spearheaded in Venezuela. Every year, right around the High Holiday season, our grandmother got together a group of women to package and sell honey. She would distribute the honey jars and all proceeds of these sales were donated to WIZO in Venezuela. 

Many of the efforts we make towards building a connected and close-knit community have been influenced heavily by the beautiful and inspiring work of our grandmother. 

Today, we are very pleased that our mother took on her deeds for many years in Venezuela and is doing the same in Miami. We are so proud of her commitment to her hometown community and her dedication to continuing on the legacy of our grandmother. 

We’ve decided to contribute to WIZO Venezuela and support this family project by donating $20 in your name, which is the equivalent of a honey jar that is sold to collect money for the organization. 

Adding this concept to our Holiday Bundle may not be a tangible gift with purchase, but the value in lending a hand to those in need is simply unmeasurable. 

Not only are we proud to be taking steps towards our mission to always give back to communities seeking help, we are mostly enthralled to be giving our customers the same opportunity to do so! We are thrilled to share with you all the fulfillment and positive energy we get from giving tzedakah and performing mitzvot. 

Everything we do at Apeloig Collection is for the sake of encouraging you to conduct good deeds as Jews and practice your customs in a way that is practical, spiritual, exciting and relevant to your daily lifestyles.

We hope that this Holiday Special leads you in that direction and motivates you to celebrate these festive times in a way that brings happiness to your home, and unto others as well.


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