Acrylic Obsessions

Acrylic Obsessions

Why is acrylic a material that we can’t get enough of?

Even before we launched Apeloig Collection, we were always drawn to acrylic. Contemporary works of art, chic home decor accessories, and furniture that was modern and classic at the same time captured our attention like no other material. On one hand people consider acrylic a trend, but on the other hand it’s such a versatile material that it will never go out of style.  Either way, it’s fair to say that we are totally obsessed.


Clearly, Acrylic Makes A Statement

Translucent pieces are ingenious when you want an object to have an almost spiritual effect with the way it plays with light.  It’s almost a neutral – but not quite. And it seems to work with every decor style. It is ironic that an acrylic object that stands out so much is actually made from a material that allows the light and materials around it to be seen and highlighted.

Acrylic is magical. It reflects and sparkles, playing with light as a reflective medium.  Each Apeloig Collection piece is illuminated with sunlight or the reflection of a chandelier. It astonishes as light is bent and viewed at different angles. We are always amazed at the unexpected tones of the challah board when placed on a table that has been set for a Shabbat meal.  While the daylight has started to fade, light from the candles and around the room elevate the moment that marks the beginning of a holy celebration.

Resisting The Elements While Embracing Modern Design

The first piece launched by Apeloig Collection was the mezuzah.  More than any other piece of Judaica, this religious item had to be beautiful and durable at the same time.  We wanted to offer a product that could be used both indoors and outdoors, so it had to be weather resistant too.   Acrylic is outdoor and coastal friendly because it is derived from natural gas which is completely inert in solid form. While not bulletproof like polycarbonate, acrylic is extremely durable, with a high melting point. 

Acrylic is also UV light resistant and will not break down or discolor like plastic.  Even in the hot summer sun or cold winter temperatures of the Northeast, the bold color that you love on day one will remain that way always.   In fact, the mezuzah, menorah and challah board collections are made from the same materials as the windows that protect your home.

 High Performance with Low Maintenance

As we spend more time at home, we are expecting a higher level of performance from our surfaces and the things that we use every day.  We are cleaning and wiping surfaces more often, and have less time and desire to add to the list of things to maintain.  Acrylic is high performing with no additional maintenance. Following recommended cleaning instructions and using the right products ensures that your Apeloig Collection pieces will maintain their sleek and stunning design always.

Always in Good Company

We take great pride in creating, what we think, are works of art that bring together great design and function.  Looking around across various decades, we’re inspired by others who have incorporated acrylic in their work. Mid-century designers like Vladimir Kagan and Karl Springer are particularly interesting, as is Phillipe Stark, who created an international buzz with his Louis Ghost Chair.  Jonathan Adler has a collection of over 60 acrylic accessory pieces that are colorful and often humorous.

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