An Emotional Journey: The Unanticipated Depth of Gratitude and Support on a Solidarity Visit to Israel

An Emotional Journey: The Unanticipated Depth of Gratitude and Support on a Solidarity Visit to Israel


Since October 7th, I could not shake off the feeling that I need to do something. In addition to being more vocal through our company and supporting Jewish organizations, I wanted to do more. 

Answering my why.

I felt a strong need to go to Israel, but was hesitant. I was constantly asking myself: Why? What for? What will I do there? It seemed, on some level, irresponsible, especially when I thought about my family and young children. How could I go to a country in conflict? I hesitated and reflected a lot.

When I heard about a special mission to Israel I knew that I had to go.  The solidarity trip was from January 13-21, 2024 and I went with my mother and some friends.

It's been tough to sort through all the emotions and I am ready to share some of my thoughts with you all now. Coming back to Miami after a trip full of intense moments wasn't easy. Trying to write about it hasn't been straightforward either. Landing back home, fitting back into my daily life, and making sense of everything that happened during that intense week in Israel has been really hard.

Hineni. I am here and ready.

We formed a dynamic and passionate group, united by a common goal: to support, help, show empathy, love, and support to our people in Israel. As our guide said upon our arrival: "HINENI” we have a commitment and here we are.

Every visit to Israel is unique. Previously, my trips were full of joy and anticipation. I had never experienced a trip that would be so full of pain and trauma. 

I am so glad that I decided to go. It’s almost impossible to put into words the unprecedented unity and resilience that we experienced. But I am going to try…

We had unique and impactful experiences, from the macro to the micro. We walked the grounds of Kibbutz Nir Oz and Reim, places heavy with history and more recently, marked by the tragedy of the Nova festival massacre. But it was in the personal encounters, in the shared moments with those who've lived through these events, that the true essence of Israel came alive. Here, everyone carries a story. Israel feels like one big family, bound by shared experiences and resilience. We felt the humanity in talking and living direct experiences with people affected.

We were with soldiers in various situations. Young people getting ready to go to war, others exhausted returning from Gaza, and others wounded recovering in hospitals. They all shared a desire to fight for their country. We listened to survivors, parents who lost children, and participated in volunteer work from hospitals to agriculture. We saw how life is valued in Israel, following the principles of our Torah, caring for both the weakest and the strongest. It was an experience that I will never forget and has left a lasting impression on me.

Resilience requires support from all of us.

I went to Israel to show the world and myself that Jews, we, the people of Israel, are here to stay. We will overcome this nightmare. We will emerge stronger because there is no other option and there is no other land. Despite the circumstances, I am amazed by the resilience of this country. I returned proud and happy to witness how Jews, in Israel and around the world, support and care for each other, maintaining hope for a better future.

Today, my mission is to share this experience and encourage all Jews around the world to visit Israel, NOW! Now they need us. These small gestures make a world of difference: giving chocolates to displaced children, bringing drawings and letters to soldiers, and helping in agriculture. Everything counts. It helps to go and boost the economy, to give words of encouragement, to listen to those who need to share their story, to give a hug to someone who has no one to hug. It helps to go and show that, from the other side of the world, we care and appreciate everything they do for us.


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