Apeloig Collection Custom Mezuzah Helps Protect Israel’s National Blood Supply

Apeloig Collection Custom Mezuzah Helps Protect Israel’s National Blood Supply

Custom projects are particularly meaningful to us because we get to combine our love of modern design and take it one step further.  Working closely with clients, we design and manufacture a mezuzah that captures the true essence of the organization and offers spiritual protection from all the work that they do.

Working with Magen David Adom, Israel’s ambulance, blood-services, and disaster-relief organization, on their custom mezuzah has been one of our most prestigious and emotionally exhilarating projects to date.  Magen David Adom serves as the emergency medical first responders for the state’s 9 million people.

 In May 2022, the new Marcus National Blood Services Center was opened as the world’s first subterranean shielded blood bank and processing center.  This facility will process and safely store nearly all of Israel’s blood donations for both civilians and members of the Israel Defense Forces. Levels of the facility are more than 50 feet underground and are designed to protect Israel’s strategic blood reserves from missile, chemical and biological attacks, and earthquakes. 

Apeloig Collection’s custom mezuzah protects this vault!

Cutting Edge Designs for a Cutting Edge Facility

A cutting edge facility deserves a modern mezuzah, and Apeloig Collection was up for the task.  The Magen David Adom custom mezuzah case was carefully designed to evoke the building’s modern aesthetic, particularly the facade. The color red and the letters are a reference to blood types and communicate the organization’s desire to embrace feelings of inclusiveness that all blood types are welcomed.  

Two sizes were created for this project. The small mezuzah cases are hanging in the new MDA Building in Israel. 

The medium mezuzah is packaged in a specially designed box with a magnetic acrylic stand and will be gifted to donors in the UK and USA in recognition of their contribution. The mezuzah has magnets and donors can decide to hang the mezuzah on their door or keep it on the stand as an award.

A State-of-the-Art Facility

According to reports, Magen David Adom’s $135 million Marcus National Blood Services Center has taken six years to complete. Three floors are above ground with the ground floor offering training facilities, an auditorium, a dining area, and a blood donation wing for the public.  The second floor houses the Human Milk Bank, where mothers’ milk is collected for premature and ill infants, and additional training facilities. The highest underground floor houses shielded blood bank laboratories, a transportation center, and secure fleet parking for loading blood into ambulances. The second underground floor houses the Cord Blood Inventory, an R&D molecular lab, and a chemical and biological warfare air-filtration system that enables staff throughout the building to continue working and processing blood in the event of a chemical or biological attack.

Apeloig Collection Takes Great Pride in Custom Projects

We are beyond honored and excited to be a part of the most advanced blood services center in the world.  The Magen David Adom mezuzah was a labor of love and the design reflects the great value Israelis and Jews around the globe put on one’s life and the importance of advanced medical facilities and technologies.

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