ART: A Source of Inspiration for product design

ART: A Source of Inspiration for product design

Since the launch of Apeloig Collection and the release of several new products over the past few seasons we are often asked two questions:  “Where do we find our inspiration?” and “Did you go to school for art and design?”

The truth is that art is our passion that has been self-taught and influenced by those that we love and places that we enjoy visiting.  Neither of us has a professional or academic art background and our university studies were focused on more practical subjects!  



We think that our passion and inspiration comes from our mother’s side of the family, several members are creative and artistic.  Our mother is an artist in her own right and has been a force of creativity since we were very young. She studied art history and has taught us to appreciate art and design. From a young age, she would take us to visit art museums around the world. This has developed into a deep love of art and a natural appreciation of design.

We felt that we wanted to share this post with our fans since Art Basel Week is taking place and is one of our favorite seasons in Miami. A few years ago, we would take the entire week off and visit every art fair.  We would be as focused and serious as if we were huge art collectors! But over the years, motherhood and entrepreneurship has made it more difficult to find the time. 

Last week, as we were having our weekly planning meeting (which are often informal but highly creative), we were reviewing which Art Basel Week events to go, if any at all, since we had so much work to do. 

This time of year is also extremely busy with the many exciting holiday boutique events that we participate in. Taking time off to go watch the art scene in Miami seemed like the last priority from our list!  Then we realized that what seems to not be “work” is important and related to all that we do. 

During the planning meeting, we began to talk about the menorah.  We remembered how last year during this season we saw something at Art Basel that helped us during the design process. It was at that moment that it all came together and suddenly became clear. 

Going to Art Basel Week for us is not just about having fun.  We go with a purpose to study materials, trends, techniques, and get inspired by recognized artists. During this time of the year creativity is floating in the air! It is the energy that we need to fuel our passion, designs and business.

That is the answer to those two questions and how we bring art to your table and to your home.  We want to encourage you to make time for your passions. It can inspire you in so many ways!  

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