Behind the Scenes of Our Mother’s Day Campaign Featuring Inspiring Jewish Moms

Behind the Scenes of Our Mother’s Day Campaign Featuring Inspiring Jewish Moms

When thinking about the photoshoot for our Mother’s Day campaign this year, we had a hard time envisioning what type of models we wanted to hire. We wanted to represent the amazing diversity of Jewish Motherhood in a way that felt modern and authentic.

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Realizing that it would be almost impossible to represent the diversity of skin color, age and hair type, level of observance, ethnic background, and even the way we all dress, we had the idea to use illustrations. Some of the illustrations are fictional characters that represent a combination of women that we have seen and heard about, and some are real. Illustrations offer a creative way of representing the different types of women that make-up our Tribe. Most importantly, it demonstrates our common ground – JEWISH MOTHERHOOD.

We felt that it was best to start with our incredible mother, Sylvia Apeloig. Her unwavering love, support, and passion for Judaism and design have been instrumental in shaping our lives, and inspiring us to launch Apeloig Collection. As our greatest cheerleader, she has always encouraged us to chase our dreams, fostering the growth of our company and nurturing a love for our heritage. Today, we honor this remarkable woman who has expertly balanced being a loving, supportive, and inspiring mother, helping us to leave a lasting legacy in the world of Judaica design.

Danielle Cantor is the Creative Director from JWI . At the time of the writing of this blog post, she’s in the middle of her own Mother’s Day project, raising funds to send financial empowerment workshops to domestic violence shelters across the U.S. JWI’s newest curriculum guides mothers who’ve survived abuse through conversations with their children about financial literacy.

If you have a moment, check out the incredible list of women in this Jewish Journal post which features women like:

Karen Cinnamon is the creative genius behind Your Jewish Life, a flourishing Jewish Instagram page boasting over 80,000 followers. Her work is centered around "Jewish joy and positivity." With the guiding principle of "fostering connection, inclusion, and empowerment," her page serves as a lively platform for discussions on Jewish culture, cuisine, customs, and beyond. Karen also hosts the highly acclaimed "Your Jewish Life Podcast." In addition, she manages the Smashing Life Club app, designed specifically for Jewish women, providing an environment where members can engage, uplift one another, and flourish.

Sheila Nazarian, a renowned plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, gained recognition as the host of the reality series "Skin Decision: Before and After" on Netflix. This Emmy-nominated show delved deeply into the world of reconstructive plastic surgery following traumatic incidents. As a dedicated Jew and vocal Zionist, Sheila actively leverages her influence to support the Jewish community. In 2022, she graced the cover of the Journal.

Adela Cojab is far from a conventional lawyer, as she also excels as a talented podcaster unafraid to address contemporary issues. As a devoted Syrian Jew, she co-presents the "American-ish Show" with Egyptian Christian Mariam Wahba. The duo explores contentious subjects, offering their audience and followers a stimulating outlook on pressing matters. In an increasingly polarized world, Adela and Mariam provide an engaging and enjoyable dialogue. Don't miss out on the "American-ish Show" – join the discussion now!

We hope you celebrate your mom, your grandma and yourself.

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