Butter Candle

Butter Candle

When we saw the Butter candle tik tok trend a few months ago we immediately connected it to Passover! We ate matzah with butter and sugar (sometimes with cinnamon) every morning for breakfast when we were kids. Those were such good memories that we wanted to bring back – with a twist.

An edible candle adds a little, shall we say, “spark” to any meal. It’s tasty and cozy and is the perfect way to soften butter so it won’t break your matzoh while spreading.  As you light the candle, the butter begins to melt, making it perfect for dipping too. It’s also a great way to wow guests who are visiting.


There is so much preparation for Passover. Between cleaning and preparing for two Seders, one of the reasons why we also love this project is because it’s easy to do and turns a simple boring dish into a fun experience.

Here is a step by step and a video that shows the results: 

  1. Melt the butter either on the microwave or the stove 
  2. Add rosemary and thyme for some flavor. Mix and let it stand for 15 minutes 
  3. Pour the liquid into a plastic cup with a candle wick
  4. Refrigerate until the butter is solid 
  5. Cut the cup to remove the candle.
  6. Light the candle and let the butter melt
  7. Pour it over your matzah or scrape it with a spreader knife
  8. Add sugar, cinnamon or the topping of your choice 

Let the taste of sugar and cinnamon bring you back to your childhood passover memories!


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