Create A Rosh Hashanah Floral Centerpiece with Your Apeloig Collection Menorah

Create A Rosh Hashanah Floral Centerpiece with Your Apeloig Collection Menorah

Beautiful blooms put a smile on everyone’s face and are truly magical on a holiday table.  Sometimes a simple vase with a few cut flowers from the garden will do the trick, but for Rosh Hashanah we like to create something that gets people talking and creates a festive atmosphere. As readers know, our products are multi-use so the menorah is perfect for this special occasion. 

This year we loved the idea of an apple and honey theme and because it’s all about being sweet, Gabriela has decided to let you in on a few secrets as to how we created this amazing bouquet! “Chanukah brings so much joy to our family, so it’s fun to use the menorah for another joyous holiday.  The green color that we selected is on trend and the apples add something unexpected. It’s an easy arrangement to make, which is great!” says Gabriela.

Here’s what you will need:

Baby faux green apples which are available at your local craft store.

BBQ sticks

Baby breath flowers 

Green hydrangeas

Start with your Apeloig Collection Menorah and fill each hole ¾ full of water. “A trick is to use a medicine trooper or a turkey baster to fill the holes without making a mess,” Gabriela shares. 

Next, take the baby faux green apples and insert the sharp part of the BBQ skewer into the bottom of the apple. We used five apples in this arrangement.  Measure the skewer near the menorah to ensure the proper height.  Place the apples to the side.

Trim the green hydrangeas, and depending on the size of your flowers, place one stem in each hole.  Continue filling the holes with baby breath. Add the apples.

Step back and admire your creation!  Add water each day to ensure that the flowers stay fresh.

“For an extra special designer look, we use My Drap Napkins / Table Runner which are colorful and very easy to use,” recommends Gabriela.  The napkins come in 50 pieces per perforated roll, tear off smoothly for easy use and can also be used as a table runner.


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Hello! 🌺 Just discovered your post on creating a Rosh Hashanah floral centerpiece with the Apeloig Collection Menorah, and I’m absolutely enchanted! 😍 The combination of tradition and creativity is simply beautiful. Thanks for inspiring us to bring elegance to our celebrations.
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