Expert tips for your sukkot table set ups!

Expert tips for your sukkot table set ups!

Sukkot is days away and we know that the hustle and bustle of our daily responsibilities can make it challenging to pre coordinate the ins and outs of our Holiday tables. 

Now that we play the roles of parents, teachers, chefs, soccer coaches, swim instructors, and many more, where do we find the time and the creativity to design our Sukkot dinner set ups?

Well, the good news is Apeloig Collection has you covered with both the Judaica products and the inspiration on how to use them beautifully! 

We are pleased to inform you that this year we worked with Jassi Lekach, founder of @jgroupevents and @thedailyflowerco to bring to you a variety of unique and special Holiday gathering tables. 

For those who do not yet know, J Group is one of South Florida’s most exquisite event and experience design companies. Jassi, who is the creator of the company, has organized hundreds of events ranging from weddings to bar mitzvahs and more, making her clients’ dreams come to life. 

Stemming from her career as an event and experience designer, Jassi discovered her passion for florals and founded The Daily Flower Co. where she puts together flower arrangements to deliver to clients on a per needed basis or subscription based. Clients call her from all over South Florida to deliver flowers for special occasions, gifts, corporate needs, or simply to enhance the everyday aesthetic of their homes. 

As you can see Jassi is the expert when it comes to table setting and florals, so we were incredibly honored when Jassi included our products and featured us in her series of High Holiday table arrangements. 

Each of these tables has such a distinct character and personality, making it easy for everyone, no matter what their taste may be to find a look they’d wish to replicate this holiday season! We were so impressed by how Jassi nailed so many styles, down to the last detail. 

Not to mention, seeing how Jassi utilized Apeloig pieces in nearly each table, we were astonished by their versatility, and how she was able to incorporate at least one of our Judaica items in each table regardless of the theme. That being said, whether you’re classic, modern, edgy, simple, playful, you’ll find use in pieces from our collection! 

With Sukkot around the corner there’s no better time to share our inspiration and give our community a sneak peak into some looks we’ll be developing for the many meals we’ll be hosting at our Sukkah. 

Sukkot is one of the most joyful holidays in the Jewish calendar. “Sukkot,” a Hebrew word meaning "booths" or "huts," refers to the Jewish festival of giving thanks for the fall harvest. During the festival of Sukkot, we are to build small, temporary huts outdoors, covered in vegetation to commemorate the harvest. The huts are used during the seven-day holiday for eating, entertaining and even for sleeping. 

Our sukkot have open walls and open doors, encouraging us to welcome as many people as possible to rejoice, eat, and share with one another. It is special to gather with family and friends and invite them for a meal at one’s sukkah, and for those that like to keep gatherings decorative, sukkot is the time to bring out all natural and floral themed items! 

Let’s take a look at how Jassi arranged a series of tables for the holiday season and how you can replicate these for Sukkot: 

Look 1: Toile Style Florals

The first look that Jassi put together was a botanical version of toile print. Toile has been around for ages, but recently made a comeback, making this antique print among the most modern trends!

Jassi chose to make a striking statement with contrast colored roses. She paired the predominantly blue table with yellow flowers to be the focal point of the table and to balance out the effect of the blue. 

Using delicate dishware and basic flatware, she allowed for the bold print and the bright flowers to be the center of attention. To top off the table, Jassi chose our Maguen David blue Challah Cover, which paired perfectly with the tablecloth. 

We described this table as a chic, European inspired, yet bright setting! 

Look 2: Minimalistic Greenery

This second look is a bit more subtle as a majority of the table is white and accents take on lighter, less dramatic shades. The focal points are the greenery that make up the centerpiece. 

Sukkot is a festival of the harvest, so it is only fair that we created a table where the natural elements are the stars of the show. The exaggerated centerpieces pair nicely with the rest of the table because Jassi chose extremely elegant and fashionable dishes and glassware to complement the drama of the botanicals. 

Although Jassi didn’t want to take attention from the greenery, she strategically chose dishes and a challah board with minimal, yet fun prints. The baby blue flower print plates, and marble printed challah board are striking but don’t clash with the remainder of the table accents. 

This table is better off as your lunchtime sukkot arrangement as the white creates a light setting.

Look 3: Tropical Paradise 

The third look created was inspired by the palm trees and tropical vibes of South Florida. This is another take on a daytime table, using our Marble challah board and simple yet playful prints. 

The mix of patterns is perfectly selected in a way that all of the distinct components complement each other without any conflict. Here we have a combination of whimsical leaf print salad plates, baroque turquoise large plates and a calacatta marble challah board. 

We used a large blue plate as the backdrop, layered with a palm leaf edge dish. The colors pop alongside one another. Again here, the simple white linens don’t take attention from the natural centerpiece that fills this table, reminding us to be grateful of the season’s harvest. 

With the right dose of character in finely curated pieces, we were happy with the results of this underwhelming yet statement table. It is a reminder that you don’t need to get carried away with details to achieve a sophisticated look. 

Look 4: White Elegance 

What’s more versatile than a refined, white-themed table. 

In this version of our Sukkot table, we find a large selection of neutral elements, each managing to stand out on their own. 

Again we utilized the palm leaf salad plates but in a completely different manner. These plates are our only pop of color and are the protagonists of the table when placed among a multitude of whites and browns. The leaf pattern playing such an important role is a way of paying tribute to the nature we are grateful for during Sukkot. 

Although we have a multitude of whites and neutrals, creating a more subtle appearance, we cannot deny that each detail adds elegance and sleekness to our day or night table. 

The white linen allows for the off-white, gold Challah cover to be noticed, while also leaving room for the incredibly high-end calla lily floral arrangement to be appreciated. 

We also strategically used brown charger plates and shiny gold flatware to create points of contrast so that it is not just one white space, but rather a white table with details that add dimension and simple beauty. 

We adore this table because of its ability to be used for dinner and/or lunch and for the perfect balance and harmony that is achieved with different shades of whites and earth tones. 

Look 5: Ocean Blues

On Sukkot we are grateful for all of the crops the earth has generously provided us with. The sustenance that was only made possible through the oceans, air, sky, rain, sunlight and many more elements on this Earth. 

This table pays tribute to the sky and seas that contribute to the bountiful life we live on this planet. The deep, and tender use of blues reminds us of these elements and brings tranquility to the table. 

We love the blue theme of this table because it is very present, but it is no where near dramatic or exaggerated. Rather, the blue of this linen is modest and serene. 

Using this blue tablecloth allows us to use our finest white china in a way that they can be acknowledged and not blend with their surroundings. The flatware we use in this pool of blues is basic but refined with subtle blue borders highlighting the interesting shape of our dishes. 

Again, the napkins tie the look together because the blue makes a comeback atop the white plates. 

In order to give the blue the main role here, we use off white calla lily florals and a simple light gold and white challah cover. These extremely sophisticated details do have important contributions though, because their pairings are what make this table harmonious and chic. 

Look 6: Modern Art Inspired Purple

By far our most modern table of the series, this mixture of purples, fuchsias and golds is great when the gathering is planned for more than just family and looking to impress your guests. 

The tablecloth speaks for itself with its splatters of bright purples and gold. The dishware and florals chosen for this table all included colors already present in the vivid tablecloth to tie the look together. We see here that the charger plates, napkin rings, flatware and candlesticks refer back to the bronze tone on the linen. 

The beautiful and classic orchid centerpiece matches impeccably with the fuchsia detailing on the tablecloth. We love the florals apparent here because the orchid is a very popular and classic flower in our hometown of Caracas, Venezuela, while the succulent is a trend relevant today. It is a combination of our heritage with our present. 

Lastly, using the richer purple eggplant shade Challah Cover, we see that one darker element is able to stand out against a bold and busy print! The Apeloig Maguen David cover plays a large role on this table and we love how it tops off the overall look. 

You’ll find us replicating this look for a special night under the stars!

Look 7: Royal Night 

Well Hello Your Majesty! Our last table in our series with Jassi is one for the royals! 

Rich shades of purple take over and remind us of a dining table fit for queens and kings. Here we feature a very daring floral print tablecloth for those who like to host in less classic, more dramatic fashion. 

Although this table doesn’t resemble our usual aesthetic, we are pleased with the way it turned out and know that it is an inspiration to those who want to spice it up once in a while. We are especially glad that although it is very different to our typical look, we can still play with Apeloig Collection pieces regardless of the overall look! 

For those who want to use this as inspo for your next dinner party, select rich, deep tones of cool colors like purples or blues and use dinnerware with golden detailing. Your napkins should always pair well with the base of the tablecloth, as you see here with the violet linens atop the plate. 

For florals make sure you are not bringing in a new color, choose one that’s already present in the printed tablecloth as Jassi did here with the fuchsia orchids. 

Our favorite part of this table is realizing that no matter what character you give your table, an Apeloig piece will always be an excellent accessory to complement the style. 

Look 8: Butterfly Garden

Remember the beautiful tables we put together for Rosh Hashanah with Il Argento and Sarita Mishaan? Well, we left one surprise for Sukkot!

Our amazing partners were kind enough to collaborate with us for a botanical haven that we saw perfectly fit for a Sukkot gathering with family and friends. 

Il Argento, offers a curated collection of fine homeware ranging from dishware, to home accessories and beyond. Sarita Mishaan handpaints designs and prints them on paper placemats.

Both partners got together with us to create this fresh, bright butterfly themed table setting that we visualized perfectly under our Sukkah for a particularly special soiree. 

While crafting this idea together, we decided to use two Apeloig pieces to complete the look. The first was a Menorah used as a floral centerpiece, and second was our white and gold Challah Cover. 

Each piece used in the making of this table is detailed and perfectly paired to match with one another. Butterfly plate ware and napkin rings make you feel like you are in a butterfly habitat and the plant and fruit print placemats by Sarita Mishaan offer an incredible background for the dishware. 

In this case more is more and the exquisite collection provided by Il Argento allowed us to nail every detail to perfection. 

We are astonished by how elegant this table looks and we are strong believers that if you select a multitude of items full of details in a curated manner, it will never look tacky, rather it will look exquisite and lavish as this table does. 

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