Going for the Gold this Rosh Hashanah

Going for the Gold this Rosh Hashanah

By now you’ll realize that we have embraced a bee theme and the color gold for our holiday table.  Metallic accents are trending in home decor and we love how this color elevates the holiday table to a new level. It is exactly what we need for one of the most important holidays of the year.  

When it comes to adding gold to a holiday table, it is important to take into consideration the exact placement of the objects and the power of the overall effect. Start off with key items and don’t over do it since you want the vibe to be festive and not over the top.  We have a feeling that once you get started you’ll want to add gold touches around your home!

This year we love layering gold with black, which is also a big home decor trend. The gold and black color combination is identifiable for its sense of luxury and sets the bar when it comes to sophistication. Don’t you just love how the golden color of a fresh challah looks perfect on a black challah board? It seems like the perfect stage for one of our favorite foods.

Because gold is so versatile, be sure to experiment with different textures and colors. We loved playing with a natural fiber tablecloth and woven placemats. Gold chargers highlight the bee themed plates that we love so much! Octagons, also in gold, are easily found at a local craft store and literally “mirror” the bee theme in the shape of a honeycomb.

At Apeloig Collection we’ve embraced metallics in a range of products including solid and stripe gold challah boards and mezuzahs.  If you are looking to experiment, we also love the black challah board which truly makes a statement (and a great gift).  Monochrome looks are also trending and this look can be achieved with a challah cover.

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