Red, White and blue, Apeloig collection style

Red, White and blue, Apeloig collection style

Apeloig collection has always been our way of paying tribute to our heritage and background. As proud Jewish women, we use our brand and the products we bring to the public as a manifestation of our respect and love for Judaism and it’s traditions. 

Of course it is not only our Jewish customs and culture that have allowed us to design our unique products and build our brand. We owe much of our success and our understanding of the market and business to our experience LIVING  in the United States. 

Our move to the USA is where our journey began,; we were welcomed with open arms and immediately looked for opportunities to succeed in our new country of residence. 

We were able to identify an opportunity in the market for Judaica products designing for contemporary, modern women, and found in the USA the resources to fill that gap and build our beloved company, Apeloig Collection. 

The 4th of July was once a foreign concept. The American Independence day that we once only associated with fireworks, hot dogs and hamburgers, stars and stripes, is today something we celebrate ourselves with pride and patriotism. 

It also doesn’t hurt that this gives us another opportunity to host and celebrate together with friends and family, our favorite activity! Interested in how we plan to celebrate? Of course our essential Apeloig Collection pieces will be in attendance at our 4th of July festivities!

Check out how we’ll put our multifaceted, and favorite challah board to use this weekend. Because most of you use your Challah boards for parve or dairy, we found a way to incorporate our board even if your plan is to host an annual barbecue. 

  1. Select fruits or any bite-sized desserts that are either American-flag colored, or otherwise, neutral. Some options include blueberries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, marshmallows, yogurt-covered anything, etc. 
  2. Line up your desserts in rows, just as the stripes on the American flag. 
  3. Make a pattern of your rows, one should be blue, the next white, followed by red and so on. 
  4. Choose one of the dessert options, preferably blue, to occupy the upper left corner and resemble the square on the flag.  
  5. If you have small white desserts such as yogurt raisins, jelly beans, etc, scatter them throughout the blue left corner to look like the stars. 
  6. Provide tongs for your guests to pick and choose the fruits and snacks they want to eat. 
  7. Serve the beautiful American themed board for dessert and commemorate the United States! 

We hope you all get to celebrate Independence Day and honor the country that’s provided for us endless possibilities. 

If you get the chance, show your patriotism by building a flag-themed dessert board, lighting fireworks carefully!) , eating an All-American meal or anything that connects you to this great country!

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