How to host the perfect Father’s Day brunch

How to host the perfect Father’s Day brunch

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a casual brunch upon wake up?


I don’t know about your dad, but there’s absolutely nothing ours likes more than a fresh bagel and spreads the moment he gets out of bed on any given Sunday morning! 

This year we decided that we’d celebrate in typical Apeloig fashion with a beautifully decorated brunch specially crafted to honor our father and our husbands. 

We thought this could be a good idea to share with our followers not only because it’s easy and quick to put together in the morning, but also a crowd pleaser. 

There are so many diverse toppings that could complement a traditional bagel, and we’re here to provide you with some tips and tricks for how to create the perfect bagel bar that we’ve mastered over the years.

Read along for our guide, which includes how to make it tasty as well as visually appealing. You know how much we love eating with our eyes too! 

  1. Buy a considerable amount of bagels in different flavors such as sesame seed, whole wheat, everything, etc. 
  2. Offer a wide array of toppings and spreads so that all members of the family can be satisfied.
    1. Basics: Cream cheese varieties (including vegan options), salmon, hard-boiled eggs, tomato, thinly cut cucumbers
    2. Premium: Capers, lemon, pickled onions, watermelon radishes if they’re in season
  3. Grab your Apeloig Collection acrylic challah board and layer your toppings. Our favorite way is to separate each topping in column-like form so that it looks colorful,organized and easy to select your preference.
  4. Depending on your number of brunch guests, you may need to use more than one challah board to plate your toppings. If you have more than one challah board, use the amount necessary, or play around with different serveware you have at home. 
  5. Scatter the trays or boards utilized to hold your spreads and toppings around the table in a decorative manner. 
  6. Arrange flowers throughout the table to garnish the look.
  7. Don’t forget to add utensils to pick your toppings with and knives to serve the dips so that the food is not being touched by hands. 
  8. It is also very important not to use metal knives on the board as that can cause damage to the acrylic (use plastic, wooden or acrylic cutlery on the Apeloig Collection board) 

We’ve done this plan countless times, and we can guarantee that no one will leave this gathering on an empty stomach, including the picky children! Even though this Sunday, Father’s Day belongs to all the special dads in our lives, it is important to make sure the kids don’t get hangry! 

We hope that you like this idea, and if for any reason your dad is not a big bagel fan, then we have another idea to offer: leftover Challah French toast! Just two days after Shabbat, we’re sure you’ll have some scraps to play with. 

Whether you go deli or boulangerie, we don’t doubt you will find a way to utilize your Apeloig Collection challah board to create the perfect plan for dad! 

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