Making A Round Challah is Easier Than You Think!

Making A Round Challah is Easier Than You Think!

Planning our holiday table is an exciting time for us at Apeloig Collection. We love to pick a theme that mixes something modern and new with a family heirloom. The goal is to create something eclectic and interesting. It’s the perfect way to live by our mission that “traditional” shouldn’t translate to “typical,” and creating elegant design never has to mean compromising the true essence of each ritual object.

Part of our obsession with the holiday table is what we are going to eat! As we all know, the main focus is likely to be on a freshly baked challah. For Shabbat we make a long braid and for the Jewish New Year it’s time to get out of our comfort zone and get ready to make a magical round challah.  

Why a round challah? 

Because the year is round, it represents that idea. The other reason is that it looks like a crown, for crowning G-d as king on Rosh Hashanah.  Likely, you’ve heard of other reasons too. As Jews we love to argue points and tell stories and certainly this can be a topic for a lively discussion.

Making a round challah

Recently, we spent the afternoon with Reyna Weinback from @challahreyna to learn different techniques on braiding round challah. The truth is that it’s easier than it looks. 

Below are a couple of reels that we made showing the process and some tricks. Our version with seeds included sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, and za’atar. It was so much fun and we are really looking forward to making a fresh batch for the holidays.


 Some tips we learned: 

  • Spread the dough and remove the air with the palm of your hands 
  • Divide the dough in 4 Oz pieces.  Each 4oz piece will then be a strand to be braided.   
  • Use only egg white to wash before baking
  • Use a soft silicone brush for the egg white so it doesn't leave marks on the challah
  • When you remove your freshly baked challah from the oven, place them on a metal rack to let them cool. 

Presenting your round challah

There’s no better way to show off your hard work than by placing your round challahs on an Apeloig Collection Challah Board. Available in six colors and in striped or solid, it will take your work to the next level of chic. 

The meticulous design features a magnetically attached knife that will never harm the acrylic surface. It ingeniously fits in its own nook and is flush with the board. There’s also a built-in dish for salt or honey and ergonomic borders that make the board easy to grip. Each challah board comes in a custom-designed box with a magnetic closure for long-term storage. It also makes a great gift!

New this year is our Rosh Hashanah Challah Cover. Taking inspiration from nature's beauty and the spirit of the Jewish New Year, this design is inspired by a bee's hive and pomegranate seeds - symbols of unity, fruitfulness, and the sweetness of a new beginning. The design features the Hebrew words “Shanah Tova” laser cut into the fabric.

L’Shanah Tovah! And be sure to send us pictures of your round challah!

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