Mastering the Art of Table Setting with Jassi Antabi!

Mastering the Art of Table Setting with Jassi Antabi!

This week we had the pleasure of partnering with Jassi Antebi Lekach, founder of @jgroupevents and @thedailyflowerco with the intention of learning new table setting skills. 

For those who are not familiar with Jassi, she is a Miami-based events and experience designer, with an impressive portfolio of high end events and clients. Jassi also started a florals business where clients can order flower arrangements to their homes. 

Having had the opportunity to attend events organized by the events guru herself, Jassi, we were thrilled when she invited us to her home for a table setting lesson. 

We arrived at her home knowing we’d leave prepared to set our Shabbat dinner table, but instead we left with tons of inspiration and ideas we never thought possible! 

Not only did Jassi teach us the basics of hosting a beautiful dinner, but she also equipped us with expert tools and solutions to go above and beyond at any social gathering. 

Read along for her go-guide on how to impress your guests no matter what the occasion! 


  1. When acquiring dishware, flatware, and linens, don’t stick to only classics. Try to build a diverse and lively collection of serveware to expand your options when it comes time to hosting!
  2. Don’t save your fine dining cups, glasses, and china for a “special” occasion, any time a guest is coming over, it should be considered special enough to bring out your finer collections. 
  3. Set every guest’s spot with a charger plate, a dinner plate and a salad plate. Depending on any additional courses such as soup, add the necessary bowl or plate. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to mix and match from different plate ware sets. It adds an interesting touch when you set a table using chargers, salad plates and dinner plates from different collections. 
  5. Pressed linen hemstitch napkins are a go-to to pair with your variety of plates because they match with everything and give a refined look. 
  6. Add a pop of color with napkin rings! This is where you can add more personality and flair to the look. 
6.a If you want to keep it classic, the napkin can lay flat on the plate with no ring. 

    Pro-tips: Jassi was kind enough to share some of her secrets to the perfect, seamless event. Prepare for these game-changing recommendations. 

    1. This tip is for the OCD's: If you are having a candelabrum centerpiece, to get your candles to stand straight all night, do the following. Break a small piece of paper towel, wrap it around the base of your candle, and stick it into the candleholder. This looks best with white candles. 
    2. Keep the level of your flowers and centerpiece below 8 inches to allow for people across the table to have a smooth conversation. You don’t want your decorations to get in the way of eye-contact. 
    3. Add place cards to each seat. It makes it easier and less awkward for guests when they’re assigned a spot at the table and have a designated place. 
    3.a You can get creative here too by playing around with the medium on which you’ll display the guest’s name, and the font you’ll use to write the name.
    3.b Jassi used a beautiful acrylic place card with engraved names. This is a great idea if you have lead time to get them custom made.
    4. Use your Apeloig Collection Judaica pieces for every occasion! When hosting a Shabbat, you can’t go wrong with a challah cover and an acrylic Challah board to fulfill the Mitzvot in style and elegance. 

    After such an insightful lesson, we couldn’t wait to get home and set our Shabbat table using all of her advice (even though it was only Tuesday). We hope these pointers are as helpful to you as they were to us and that you feel as inspired as we do to host in Jassi-style. 

    Share with us your beautiful creations, and we wish you a Shabbat Shalom! 

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