Our New Multicolor Mezuzah has Arrived!

Our New Multicolor Mezuzah has Arrived!

There’s something tranquil and calming about a neutral interior that is made up of colors found in nature like wood and sand.  These rooms add interest with layered textures, the warmth of daylight, a collection of houseplants, and perfectly placed artwork.  Embracing this timeless design is perfect for the chaotic moment we are living in now and is likely the reason why our neutral colored mezuzahs have been popular for so long, particularly over the past year.

Then something exciting happened -- our multicolor menorah sold out at Hanukkah faster than an oil burning candle.  Available in five colors that we love, it was the multicolor menorah that was selected by Architectural Digest, Apartment Therapy, Vogue, Romper, and other press for holiday coverage.  We knew immediately that the next color to add to the mezuzah collection had to be multicolor.

And so, the moment that we have all been waiting for is here. We are excited to announce the addition of the multicolor mezuzah to our collection! Available in small, medium and large, this new colorway is everything we are seeking to bring out a feel-good moment.  

The popularity of the menorah and the initial response to the multicolor mezuzah is part of a growing trend in home decor.  There has been a sudden popularity with vivid colors that enhance our mood with positive energy.  We have been reading about how the rainbow microtrend has spread as a symbol of hope, solidarity, and appreciation.  It expresses what we are needing and feeling at this moment in time.

Bright colors are a way to navigate a world in crisis and can also be a way to express an eclectic style.  Depending on the area of a home where the mezuzah will be placed, it’s perfect for kids that love rainbow and tie-dye trends, rooms that are begging for a pop of color, or for people that are looking for something truly unique. No matter the reasons why people are gravitating to multicolor, we love the way this new mezuzah case captures the light and reminds us that the most beautiful part of the mezuzah is the text within. 

As with all Apeloig Collection items, we care deeply about beautifully crafted products that fully represent your home, organization, or institution.  We are now offering a way to transform a mezuzah, menorah, challah board, or pin into one-of-a-kind pieces with a monogram, prayer, or logo English or Hebrew.

The multicolor mezuzah also comes packaged in a luxe custom box that is perfect for immediate gift giving. Or watch our video to see how you can repurpose the boxes to help keep your desk organized!

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