Passover Fun For The Kids

Passover Fun For The Kids

Often, we like to share with you creative ideas to incorporate style and design to your Jewish holiday celebrations. For Passover in previous years, we have shared different ideas; from an easy flourless cake recipe decorated with sugar, to creating an entire stylish seder made with all disposable items. Last year, we interviewed Cindy Huzenman from Cindyology to bring you tips for an easy Passover cleaning and home organizing. 

Passover in particular can be a very long (read: boring) holiday for kids or very fun! Since during the Yom Tov days digital entertainment is not an option and neither is painting and cutting if you follow the Torah rules, you have to get creative.

So this year we are bringing you fun for the kids and peace of mind to the parents, and doing it the only way we know: in style! We have created a printable, Passover-themed, paper fortune teller trivia game. This will not only bring fun to the table but will also educate at the same time. If your kids go to Jewish School this is a great chance to test if its paying off (joke!) and if they are not, it’s a great conversation starter. We passed, we’ll see about our kids :) 

If you are hosting a seder at home, you can set one paper fortune teller on top of each child’s place, whether they have their own table or are seated with the adults; And if you are going to a friend’s or family member house, you can bring a few over. Also, don’t limit the fun to the seder only, you can bring it to the shul, Passover lunch gatherings and use all week long. Well don't get to excited the activity will probably last a few minutes and then you will have to get more creative ;) 

You will need the following items:

  1. Printable Passover Paper Fortune Teller (FREE Download Here)
  2. Scissors
  3. Passover trivia knowledge

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed preparing it and our kids enjoyed testing it!
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