Rosh Hashanah Table Setting

Rosh Hashanah Table Setting

Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning all the many details that go into hosting our family and friends. 

This year we may keep our gatherings smaller than usual, but that is no reason to put less effort into the occasion. Rather, we think it’s the perfect excuse to put more work into making it extra special. 

Rosh Hashanah is always a time to start fresh, turn the page on an old chapter and set new intentions for the year ahead. We believe the best way to inaugurate the beginning of a new year is to invite our loved ones for a sweet and festive meal. This year in specific, Rosh Hashanah falls on Shabbat, so we will use this opportunity to simultaneously honor two important dates in the Jewish calendar. 

We look forward to getting together with those closest to our hearts, rejoice, pray and appreciate the blessings we have been granted. Just because we’ll only host an intimate dinner doesn't mean we shouldn't treat our guests as royalty. 

In hopes of encouraging all of our lovely followers to get creative with their Rosh Hashanah/Shabbat dinners, we teamed up with @saritamishaanart and @ilargento to bring to life a dream Holiday setting! 

In collaboration with these amazing partners, we designed and executed two distinct tables that represent sophistication, while incorporating symbols of the Jewish New Year.

@Saritamishaanart provided the beautiful hand-painted placemats, and @Ilargento brought along a curated selection of dining and floral accessories.

For those who don’t know, Sarita Mishaan is an artist who handpaints designs and has them printed on different mediums, such as placemats. This year she launched limited edition striped apple and pomegranate paper placemats inspired by classic Rosh Hashanah icons. 

@Ilargento is our favorite luxury, multi-brand home and tableware retailer, selling everything from glassware to silverware to home accents and more. Growing up in Venezuela, Il Argento was always the go to destination for anything home related. We even had our registries there. The same goes for Peru where they have a very strong presence and they’ll soon launch their online website to cater to audiences worldwide. 

Read along for details on how the three of us put together our favorite Rosh Hashanah tables to date: 

Table 1: Pomegranates & Rich Reds

Our first table makes use of darker, richer tones. We incorporated black, deep burgundies and golds to blend with our pomegranate theme. Due to the color palette, featuring more subdued tones, we visualized this table as our dinner setting. 

Our table focuses on the symbolic pomegranate, also known as the Rimon. The Rimon is said to have 613 seeds nestled inside its thick skin, representative of the 613 mitzvot that we aim to fulfill as Jews. It is tradition to consume and pay tribute to the pomegranate on Rosh Hashanah in order to attract fruitfulness and abundance for the upcoming year. 

We arranged the pomegranate fruit, and other color coordinated plants in our burgundy Apeloig Collection acrylic Menorah. This floral and fruit display became our centerpiece. The slots in our Menorah are not only intended for candles, they are designed to hold flowers or plants to create an easy and elegant floral arrangement. 

In order for our pomegranates to stand still, we pierced them with wooden barbeque picks to give the fruit stability within the candle slot. Anything you wish to use in the Menorah that doesn’t have a stem can be handled similarly. 

Alongside the centerpiece, we made use of several @ilargento gold, red and black accents such as the sleek burgundy pitcher and a gold apple shaped honey container. 

Another set of statement pieces that brought attention to the table were our very own Shabbat accessories. This year Rosh Hashanah coincides with Shabbat, so we must not forget to have our Challah Board and Cover handy to welcome the High Holidays. 

We chose a neutral colored Challah board to not conflict with the rest of the decoration. Our striped black acrylic board made the perfect companion to our ornate table, showcasing the round Challah beautifully. Best of all, our Challah boards are equipped with a built in salt dish, which can be used for honey dipping, reducing the sticky mess we all dread. 

We couldn’t decide whether to use our burgundy Challah cover or the white and gold version as the competition was too close! I guess we’ll leave that decision to the last moment! 

Our setting for each guest at the table included individual placemats, linens, plates, glassware and silverware also taking on the constant use of deep, dark, nocturnal shades. We were pleased to find several @ilargento pieces combined impeccably with @saritamishaanart’s striped black and white Pomegranate placemat. 

Our final selection included slim yellow gold silverware, black glassware, transparent glass plates and a diverse range of mini vases to house our elegant flowers. 

Table 2:Apples & Gentle, Light Tones 

Because this trifecta of table setting gurus just couldn’t stop designing Holiday dinner tables, we decided to put together a daytime Rosh Hashanah table as well. 

For those who celebrate the new year with a lunch, this could be your perfect solution.

For our Lunch time table, we chose light blue and green hues, paying ode to the classic symbol of Rosh Hashanah, the apple. 

The reason why we chose apples as the focus of our design is because apples stand for sweetness and we want to start our year off on a sweet note. 

We started with our clear Menorah centerpiece, which we filled with voluminous bunches of small blue and green flowers, leaves and petite green apples. 

As the base for the rest of the decor, we used another one of Sarita Mishaan’s limited edition designs, this time the striped apple Rosh Hashanah placemats.

Atop each guest’s placemat, we chose plates with a blue and green color scheme to tie the look together. Il Argento had the ideal botanical themed dishes to give the perfect garden-like aesthetic.

With so much detail instilled on all of the accents, we chose a white Challah board that stood out without detracting from the other lavish accessories. Again, the challah cover decision between a bold blue and a subtle white was left to the discretion of the host as it was very dependent on taste. 

Lastly, our Il Argento glassware and silverware were selected carefully to add the last pops of character to our daytime table. We matched the cups to the plates by using blue and clear glasses, but chose a casual gold silverware set to maintain a balance between neutrals and brights. 

This table felt like it belonged in a midday gathering as the colors we used thrive off of natural light. This will definitely be the vibe of our Rosh Hashanah lunches this year and we can’t wait to host our guests at this garden paradise themed table. 

Both tables made us antsy to ring in the New Year, we just can’t wait for it to be Rosh Hashanah! We thought the best part of this Holiday was the apple dipped in honey (yum!), but now all we can think of are these magnificent tables that were made possible with the help of @ilargento and @saritamishaanart. 

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