Table Escapes - A trip down the Nile River

Table Escapes - A trip down the Nile River

People are searching for inspiring tablescapes to make the Passover table extra special this year.  But at Apeloig Collection, we’ve decided to take it one step further. Since we are traveling less, we’ve decided to take you on a “table escape” of the Nile River!

It all starts with our journey to a local flower market to purchase blooms for the Passover 2021 photoshoot.  We love to go to our favorite vendor since it has lots of unusual plantings and is always buzzing with interesting items.  On this particular trip, we didn’t have a formulated idea of what we wanted. The trip was not only to buy flowers, but to find inspiration!

The market was buzzing with stems of every color and dried flora of all sorts, which are very popular right now.  From the corner of Daniela’s eye she spotted Cattails, also known as typha latifolia.  This plant grows in marshes and wetlands on almost every continent, closely resembles a (kosher) hot dog or corn dog. The sturdy stems can reach up to 8 feet in height! It is dried and used in creating unique displays, and it also immediately was reminiscent of the story of Moses in his basket floating down the Nile River.

It’s amazing that this simple plant could have a powerful impact on this year’s Passover tablescape.  The plant’s place in the ecosystem is important as Cattails are an essential food for wildlife. It is interesting to use this plant for an essential festive meal!

And so the planning began.  Woven chargers inspired by Moses’s basket, a tablecloth the color of the Egyptian desert, and even frog napkin rings from jewelry and home decor designer, Viviane Guenoun

Front and center is the latest Apeloig Collection Passover collection. The matzoh cover features our new Type font with the words Pesach and Matzoh.  Luxurious leatherette is artistically laser cut to reveal the hebrew words Pesach, Matzah, and Maror.  These are the three most important words to be discussed at the table.

As if almost floating (not down the Nile River but our table) is the seder plate. Our version features a beautiful, ethereal design that lets each element of the meal shine.  We love the way the light plays off both the leatherette fabrics and the acrylic of the seder plate.  It brings a magical effect to the display. The Hebrew word Pesach is delicately etched in the center of the dish, surrounded by six wells designed for each of the symbolic elements.

So, there you have it!  Our journey to the flower market which provided the inspiration for a wonderful “table escape” and the chance to share our vision.  Chag Pesach Sameach!

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