The Ultimate Hanukkah Hosting Guide

The Ultimate Hanukkah Hosting Guide

Whether you’ve just started your Balaboosta journey or are a third generation expert, it’s always fun to explore new ways to host a party.  Hanukkah is the perfect holiday to experiment with new food and decor ideas.  Not only is it eight nights so you have lots of chances to figure out what works best, but generally speaking this is not a holiday with a sit-down dinner.  Let’s face it, the focus is on the gifts. That means you can customize your party and create a fun time based on who your guests are.

Family Focused Fun

One of the best ways to celebrate Hanukkah with the kids in tow is to load up on cookies, sweets, and doughnuts.  Nothing makes our hearts swell more than hearing our little ones recite the blessings over the candles.  We love to set up a special table where all of the gifts are kept. This makes for an exciting display. Add some chocolate coins and colored dreidels for visual interest.  For Insta ready pictures, coordinate your accessories with your Apeloig Collection oil menorah.  One of our most popular styles is the multicolor and we just love adding colorful floral accessories.



Cool Couples Celebration

By the fifth night the kids are tired of staying up late and the excitement of their new toys is keeping them occupied.  It’s the perfect opportunity to invite your friends over for a couples Hanukkah get together.  Of course, the centerpiece is still the menorah.  Be creative and use your challah board to serve desserts and snacks or create a yummy cheese board. You can stay with the “oil” theme with a spread that includes olives and flavored oils for dipping delicious bites of rustic bread. Don’t forget to open your favorite bottle of wine for a memorable and relaxing night.

Gallivanting with the Gals (or Guys)

Your family came over for an amazing night with the kids, then your friends got a babysitter and celebrated with wine and cheese. The word is out and the pressure is’ve just been named the Hippest Hanukkah House in the neighborhood.  People are somewhat politely requesting that you host another gathering and you need to come up with something original.  Take it a step up and get into the “spirit” of the holiday.  Research some top-notch whiskeys and bourbons and set it up on a console table. Be sure to include your favorite nuts and salty snacks. For that extra something special, invest in some nice rocks glasses, a decanter, and an ice cube tray that makes large ice cubes.  By the end of the evening, your crew will wish that Hanukkah was the whole month!

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