Tips for a Stylish Stress Free Passover

Tips for a Stylish Stress Free Passover

Stylish Passover Table

Passover is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate given its rich symbolism and representation of judaism. During the night of the seder, we can feel proud to acknowledge how the jewish people and our traditions have survived for so many years, despite the adversities we have endured throughout history.

Even though we repeat this holiday over and over throughout generations with the same recipes, menu, and the same order of courses, seders are still super stressful to plan. This is a difficult holiday to host because of all the minute details that need to be taken into consideration.

We usually host large parties where everyone has to have a seat with creatively designed setting. If you are a perfectionist like us, you know how important it is for everyone’s plate setting to look amazing!

We came out with a list of steps and tips to ensure you host a stylish perfect passover table:


Start by planning the layout of your table. Make a list of how many guests you have. With that number in mind you can decide if you'll need to make a long rectangular table. If space is limited, you’ll need to lay it out L shaped. If you have the space and not as many people, you might want to set it out in a square. This holiday in particular has a ceremony so it is important that everyone feels included and that everyone can see and listen to the head of the table. Try to avoid splitting your dinner guests up into multiple round tables as it is a nicer experience when everyone feels included during this holiday in particular


There are many things to take into consideration, so don't leave everything for last minute! Check if you need to rent or borrow extra chairs and/or tables. Check if you have enough tablecloths, and silverware, cups etc.. Plan the menu and go to the supermarket with enough time. If you live in a populated jewish community supermarkets get really crowded the days before the holiday, so make sure to get key ingredients like, parsley, eggs and lettuce in time!


  • Choose a Starting point: Whatever tablecloth or napkin you chose must match your china or flowers. We love the idea of the traditional plague theme (kids love it!)
  • We recommend investing in a set of Haggadah for everyone. Having matching Haggadahs really ties in the dinner table.
  • Flower Arrangements - buy them either too tall or very low so they are not at eye level


We know this holiday has so many details to take into consideration, but you need to make sure that each one is impeccable. Details are what make the difference!

    1. Have one central plate for display of the elements (for the abba- leader of the ceremony)
    2. Keep a minimalist seder plate. Don't make it look bulky / chunky / overdone
    3. Have enough Matzah along the table  - we recommend to use rectangular flower vases for the matzah slices to save space (vertical not flat).
    4. Make sure everyone has a wine cup for the seder with enough wine bottles along the table
    5. Add name cards to each sitting, it gives the holiday a little formality and it helps guests at the time of sitting. Isn't this holiday all about order? 


It’s okay to accept help during this hectic holiday. Let your mother in law bring a salad or even the charoset, accept it her charoset is better than yours !


Passover Plate

And of course, the cherry on top of your seders table is our acrylic seder plate! Available in White and Silver

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