Use your Challah Board as a Cheese Board For Shavuot

Use your Challah Board as a Cheese Board For Shavuot

It is customary to eat dairy meals on the first day of Shavuot for a variety of reasons. Here are just three of them:

  • The Torah is compared to milk because it is white and pure.
  • The Hebrew word for milk is “chalav” (חלב) which has the numerical value of 40. Eating a dairy meal recalls the 40 days Moses was up in Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah.
  • On Shavuot, when the Torah was given, the Jews learned the laws of kashrut for the first time. Since they received the Torah on Shabbat they were unable cook meat for that day’s meals and they only enjoyed dairy meals.

Today we bring you a great idea for your Shavuot celebration: Why limit your challah board to only challah? Use it as a Cheese Platter! And what better holiday to do so than Shavuot? Of course you have to take into consideration the laws of Kashrut. If you use it for Shabbat, which is almost always a meat menu, make sure you either kosherize your Board or you have one challah board for meat and a different one for dairy.

Here are some tips on how to Assemble the Perfect Cheese Platter:

  1. Pick one of each cheese type:

Soft Cheese: Mozzarella, Brie, Goat Cheese, Camembert

Semi-Soft Cheese: Gouda, Jarlsberg, Blue Cheese

Semi-Hard Cheese: Provolone, Sage Derby, Manchego, Comte

Hard Cheese: Aged Cheddar, Parmesan, Aged Asiago, Chesmire

  1. Add Crackers and/or bread
  2. Add something sweet: Grapes, pear, apricot, dry fruits, honey
  3. Add nuts
  4. Pair with wine for ultimate satisfaction :) 

* Make sure you use plastic, acrylic or wood knives to avoid scratching the acrylic. Do not use Metal cheese knives


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