Use Your Challah Board for a Hanukkah Sugar Overload Display

Use Your Challah Board for a Hanukkah Sugar Overload Display

Hopefully, you read our recent email about how deeply affected we were by the events of October 7th and how it re-energized our mission.  A renewed sense of pride in Judaism and Jewish holidays can take different forms. This week it’s fueled by the light of the Hanukkah candles and loads of sugar!  

The best part is that this project is easy to do and you can probably get it done by tonight.  And if not tonight, then sometime this week!  Just don’t get sidetracked “testing” all of the goodies before everyone else. LOL.

Okay, so here’s how we did it.

Pick a Color Theme for Your Hanukkah Dessert Board

We created this sugar overload tray for a Hanukkah party with some of the traditional Hanukkah items. Our color theme is with neutrals, browns and beiges. Feel free to make it your own by adding a pop of blue to make it more of a Hanukkah theme.

It is SUPER EASY to put together. While this might look like a Pinterest / Influencer type of project that is hard to do, IRL there is no science to it. We promise! You just put your favorite sweet things around the board with no order. Amazingly, it ends up looking very Instagramable! The most important thing is to have a theme or make sure you have color coordination.

Check out our Instagram reel for a demonstration of how we did it. 

Supplies: Oil Menorah, Challah Board, and Sweet Treats

You may have noticed that every item we design has a multifunctional use.  That’s certainly the case for our oil menorah that transforms into a flower vase and our challah board that makes the basis for an inspiring dessert display.  Just because Shabbat is still a few days away does not mean that you can’t put your board to good use!

Here’s a list of our favorite sweets for inspiration:

Sufganiyot from one of our favorite local Kosher Restaurants, Grand Cafe. They have different flavors to choose from (Pistachio, Halva, M&M, Ferrero and Hazelnut). 

  • Chocolate Star Cookies from Trader Joe’s
  • Gold and Silver chocolate gelt 
  • Hanukkah themed store-bought butter cookies 
  • Silver & Gold (nonedible) dreidels for decoration only

That’s all there is to it! The great news is that Hanukkah is celebrated for an entire week and you can try out new designs as often as you like. Be sure to send us pics of your inspiring dessert displays. Happy Hanukkah. 

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The engraved challah board that I ordered (#9161) for Jonah and Samantha Lasko has not been received as yet. What do I do about this situation as it was supposed to be delivered by Friday, March 1st and today is March 25th. Please update me immediately. Thank you.
Arlene Lasko 954-658-4422 (email as above)

Jonah and Samantha Lasko

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