Use your Challah board for apples and honey

Use your Challah board for apples and honey

We usually plan the posts for our blog in advance before each holiday, our motto is "Tradition Meets Design" so we try to create our content with that idea in mind. For Rosh HaShana we had already some creative ideas and we had everything planned out! Last week we had in our schedule to work on the Rosh HaShana posts. One of our ideas was to suggest the use of the challah board to serve the apples and dip the honey!  We only had to write up a text, display it nicely and take some pictures, which was a relatively easy thing to do and did not need much preparation. But our plans were forced to change due to the warnings of Hurricane Irma.  

When we heard that the Hurricane was coming our way we had to cancel all our plans, pack our things and head north where we could luckily stay at a relative's cabin in South Carolina. One of our stops in our long car ride was in Savannah, Georgia. To our surprise we came across a beautiful honey store called "The Savannah Bee Company". We already knew the brand but never associated that it was from Savannah and never thought they had their own stores. We immediately fell in love with the brand's concept, passion for honeybees and their branding overall. They have all sorts of honey products, from different honey types and textures to honey beauty products!

We could not leave the store empty handed right before of Rosh Hashanah so we bought a pack of Raw Acacia Edible Honeycomb (Kosher Certified)!

Once we were at the Cabin in South Carolina we heard from the locals that that weekend was the Apple Festival In Westminster. The festival celebrates the beginning of the apple harvest season. We could not believe the coincidence!  So we obviously went, had fun and of course bought apples!

One of us had a sample of the challah board in the car. So we had everything we needed to put the blog together. We went ahead and took the pictures. The outcome of our post was even better than what we had planned.

Our grandfather always said " El Hombre propone y D-os dispone" - which translates to "Man proposes but g-d disposes". Which teaches us that sometimes you have your life planned but there are things that we can't simply control. This experience was one of those moments in life that reminds us that there is something above that is more powerful than us.

Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the Jewish year and we use this time to reflect on the past year and decide how we can better ourselves and our relationships in the future. With the recent events of Hurricane Irma we could not be more thankful with life and with g-d!

Before eating the apple, we make the ha’eitz blessing and then say, “May it be Your will to renew for us a good and sweet year.” Or as my grandmother use to say in Yiddish "A git, a guezindt und a zis yur vi dem honig" - "A good, healthy and sweet year like the honey" 

We wish everyone a happy and healthy new year filled with many sweet moments.
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