What to do with a damaged mezuzah scroll?

What to do with a damaged mezuzah scroll?

When we first created Apeloig Collection, it was our objective to solve one common problem, or better said, gap in the market. 

Modern Jewish women did not have a way to practice their Jewish rituals and traditions in contemporary fashion. Judaica products were more often than not composed of metals and woods, resembling that of our grandparents. 

When we moved to Miami, FL in our mid twenties, bought our first homes and started our families, we sought to change that and to bring innovative design to Judaica products, which typically stood for custom and age-old tradition. We wanted our Judaica pieces to feel more relevant and to resemble our personal styles. 

Today, having done so, and having realized how many modern women shared the same desire to express their religion in an avante-grade way, we decided that there was another approach we wanted to take with Apeloig Collection. 

We not only wanted to provide our consumer with an unconventional, but functional product, we also wanted to become the haven for Jewish women to learn more about the practices behind Judaism. We utilize our platform as a source for information to women who look to discover more around the holidays, rituals, mitzvot, and encourage our followers to ask and discuss their perspectives too. 

One common area of concern and doubt that we’ve noticed among our customers is what to do with a damaged mezuzah scroll. 

Many people grow worried when they find out that their mezuzah scroll is not in its perfect form and lean on superstition to fall under a conviction that this will bring bad luck. 

In reality, just as any other item you possess, a mezuzah scroll can break or get damaged, and it doesn't necessarily have an underlying meaning. The key takeaway is to dispose of it correctly and replace it with a new kosher mezuzah scroll so that your home is properly blessed and protected. 

The process is simple, but it is imperative you take the right steps to avoid disposing of a holy item incorrectly. Read below for Chabad-approved steps on what to do with a broken mezuzah scroll. 

First and foremost, a mezuzah scroll is parchment inscribed with Hebrew verses from the biblical book of Deuteronomy. The scroll is used for holy purposes and is therefore considered holy in itself. 

All objects that acquire holiness in such a way are to be disposed of and treated according to specific guidelines. 

A damaged mezuzah scroll that can no longer be used is to be separated and buried. You can take the scroll to your local “Genizah”, a storeroom in a synagogue used for discarded, damaged, or defective books and papers and sacred objects. If you are not sure where the local Genizah is, you can speak to your Rabbi who can point you in that direction. 

Taking your damaged mezuzah scroll to the Genizah is a temporary place of storage before it is properly buried in a Jewish cemetery. 

As for the case that is used to hold the mezuzah, once it is used as an accessory for the performance of a Mitzvah, it takes on holiness as well. That being said, if it is used to hold the scroll and becomes damaged, it must also be taken to the Genizah for proper burial. 

It is very important to be in constant surveillance of your mezuzah and to ensure that it is in its right conditions so that your home is protected as mandated.

We hope that your Mezuzot scrolls and cases are all in their best conditions with no damage so that they can continue to protect your homes. However, if there is any concern regarding your current mezuzot, please make sure to get them checked and proceed according to the above steps. 

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