What We’re Obsessed About This Mother’s Day

What We’re Obsessed About This Mother’s Day

Heading over to the Apeloig Collection blog section, you’re probably thinking that you’ll discover a new brunch recipe for Mother’s Day.  Surprise! You’re only partially wrong.  Of course we love cooking and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to pull out our challah board and turn it into a spread of our favorite foods. But, more on that later!

This Mother’s Day we are totally obsessed with dried flowers.  Maybe you caught hints of our obsession over Passover which featured inspirations using cattail, the dried plant that most often grows by water, or pampas grass which is neutral yet full of texture and movement.  We have to admit that lately when we visit our local flower market we end up leaving with loads of preserved flowers.  

It’s understandable as to why dried blooms have become so popular.  Available in a broad array of colors, sizes, and styles, preserved flowers offer versatility and longevity that is very appealing.  We just love the many varieties available including grasses, branches, twigs, flowers, and even feathers!  Always on the hunt for new inspiration, our trips to the florist have revealed a completely new universe of dimensions, shapes, textures and hues that we just don’t see in fresh flowers.

What we discovered early on in our new-found passion is that it's not the flower itself that is so unique or different, it's how you use it in an arrangement.  That’s why this Mother’s Day we are obsessed with creating arrangements with our acrylic menorah that multi-tasks as a flower display.

Practicing how we want our table display to look, we created a fun video to show you how to try this new trend on your own.  Putting together a “forever arrangement” using our acrylic menorah is easy. In general, start with the biggest flower or pod first. Then add something that is a bit long and perhaps colorful like bunny tail grasses. Fill in with smaller grasses and flowers. The methodology is the same if you are using our menorah, a vase or creating a bouquet. Continue adding and experimenting with heights, widths and colors until you have created what you or your mom love.

With a dried flower display that can last for months after the occasion, every day will feel like Mother’s Day!

And now for our Mother’s Day brunch tip! It’s hard to decide what we and our mom loves more -- French Toast Challah or Breads Bakery's Nutella Babka. I guess we will have to make both!  You can find the babka recipe here.

Happy and healthy Mother’s Day to all of those moms that worked especially hard this year. Whether doing more at home or offering support from far away, we know that your efforts made a difference.

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