Thank you for purchasing the Apeloig Collection Mezuzah Case. It will look fabulous on your doorpost! We’re honored to play a small role in helping you fulfill the mitzvah.


A few tips for mounting your mezuzah:

First, your local rabbi always knows best when it comes to qualifying doors and proper placement. After you’ve asked the expert:


  1. Make sure you have a 10cm scroll handy (not included), then remove your mezuzah and specially designed tape from the packaging.

*The included tape has been specially designed to mount your mezuzah. If you run out, DO NOT use other tape; simply visit our website.

  1. Clean the surface of your doorpost with rubbing alcohol (not household cleaners!), then let it dry.
  2. Carefully insert your  scroll through the back opening of the mezuzah, with the Sha-dai Hebrew letters facing forward and upward (the Sha-dai should be visible through the front side).
  3. Remove the white liner from the tape to expose the adhesive. Center the tape over the back opening of the mezuzah, making sure to completely seal the scroll inside.
  4. Peel off the clear liner of the tape and recite the blessing:


Baruch atah Ado-nai Eloeinu melech ha’olam ashe kidishanu b’mitz’votav v’tzivanu lik’bo’a m’zuzah


  1. Place the Mezuzah on the doorpost, pressing firmly for 30 seconds to secure it.


Enjoy and may your home be blessed, always!

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