5 Tips to Prepare for Passover during Quarantine Times

5 Tips to Prepare for Passover during Quarantine Times


  1. Don’t Panic – Have Faith Over Fear.
  2. Use technology: Bond with your family members and friends. It is a good opportunity to call your mom or grandma to get their recipes for your favorite Seder foods or exchange recipes with friends. There are many synagogues, schools, influencers, museums etc. offering shiurim, meditation and mindfulness classes online. Choose whichever suits you or the one you can connect with and use this time for an inner Passover cleaning.             
  3. Get out of your comfort zone: Do something you have never done before. Search for some ideas to decorate the Passover table with items that you can print at home or find growing on your property. If cooking is not your thing, try a new recipe this year! You won’t have any guests to impress. (We need to joke! If not we would be crying.)

      1. Use your time wisely: Take advantage of ALL the time at home and do a thorough Passover cleaning! Start with closets and bedrooms, and leave the kitchen for last.

      * When cleaning your home have an open eye and use your creativity. You may find things that inspire you to decorate the holiday table and will help you to avoid going out.


      1. Let the inner teacher out of you. You’ve had some practice with homeschooling now! Dedicate some time to teach your children the Passover story in detail, add some fun elements, or incorporate a new fun tradition to your seder.  Use materials you have at home to make a passover plate and afikoman bag with them or even re-create or act the passover story!   


      Jewish Guilt Note Here:

      If we succeeded after being stuck for 40 years in the desert, we can do our part and wait in the comfort of our homes with our loved ones to make this pandemic come to an end faster.  

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