A Hanukkah Gift Guide for All of the Fabulous People in Your Life

A Hanukkah Gift Guide for All of the Fabulous People in Your Life

A gift guide for Hanukkah in October? Yes, that’s right! The holiday is coming up early this year and there’s no time like now - we mean the “present” to get started making your list. If the thought of what to buy your picky mother-in-law or particular best friend is making you nervous, don't fret.  We’ve put together our favorite items in a range of prices so that you can spend less time preoccupied over shopping and have more time obsessing over our new Instagram reels. Every Apeloig Collection item comes with carefully designed packaging so it’s ready to gift in seconds.  Better hurry up and read this post. Hanukkah is Sunday, November 28th through Monday, December 6th.

Guy Friend Who Loves GQ Magazine

Let’s start with the hardest to please first. No, it’s not your mother-in-law. We have a great idea for her coming up. Nope, this is your handsome guy friend who loves the best of everything and lives in a world inspired by Architectural Digest and GQ Magazines.  Make room on his console displaying a collection of fine whiskey for a fabulous menorah.  Hands down we recommend the Apeloig Collection Menorah in the color smoke as a never to be outdone addition to his bachelor pad.  It’s handsome and refined. Just like your friend.

Your Favorite Aunt

If you’re lucky enough to have a favorite aunt, then getting her the perfect gift is a top priority.  From passing along her favorite challah recipe to liking your IG posts, she deserves something that’s equally as special as her warm and caring personality.  A gift that she will remember always is the recently released “Pebbles” challah cover.  Within the pattern are the Hebrew words "Shabbat Ve Yom Tov" which translates to Sabbath and Holidays. We love the shimmering leatherette fabric which comes in silver and champagne, and your favorite aunt will too!

Stylish New Parents

Your sister, cousin or best-friend just had a baby. The stylish couple has everything they need for their bundle of joy except an Apeloig Collection mezuzah for the nursery.  It’s likely that the one they have for the baby’s room is reminiscent of the study that was previously there or something childish that doesn’t show-off their contemporary tastes.  Available in 19 colors and four sizes, this is the gift that they will always cherish.

The Mother-in-Law that Has it All

Many have claimed that their mother-in-law has everything. We argue that there’s no one harder to shop for -- that’s until we launched the Apeloig Collection menorah that turns into a flower vase.  She’ll be amazed at how many ways this piece can be transformed with her favorite flowers.  A new floral display is at the ready depending on the time of year or holiday.  That hidden creative passion will finally be unleashed! 

Best Friend (aka: hostess with the mostest)

Your BFF embraced the cheese board trend with gusto and has moved on to include dazzling displays of desserts and more.  You want to encourage this new-found passion because you love these delicious treats and hanging out like grown-ups.  Upgrade that boring wooden board with something stylish and versatile.  The Apeloig Collection challah board is the perfect gift. Made of beautiful translucent acrylic, this modern challah board has been meticulously designed with a magnetic knife, a built-in dish for salt or honey, and ergonomic borders that make the board easy to grip. 

Bachelor Cousin in Need of a (Gentle) Style Upgrade

You love your cousin, but his place is always a mess and it’s like he just left college.  Mentioning that you could help with the decor would be taken as an offense that you don’t want to go near.  Get his room make-over juices flowing with a black Apeloig Collection mezuzah. The sleek black case is breathtakingly handsome and masculine, while being utterly stylish and modern.  It’s the perfect hint that his long-time girlfriend has been waiting for.

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