Making Memories with a Passover Memory Game

Making Memories with a Passover Memory Game

The countdown to Passover has started and the excitement of the holiday grows with each passing day.  We are making our final decisions on decor for a holiday table which will be either a desert, outdoor, or Nile River theme!  And our list of favorite Passover foods to prepare keeps growing!

Since our gatherings are likely to be more intimate this year, it gives us the opportunity to spend more quality time with our children.  One of our favorite ways to have fun together is to play games that are popular with children of all ages.

This year we decided to create a stylish memory game featuring the Apeloig Collection signature pattern, a photograph of a meaningful element from the Passover table, and an illustration.  A bonus to this game is that it teaches kids about the holiday while we play.  As we all know, kids learn best when they are having fun!

Creating the game is a wonderful activity for children too.  Simply download and save the file to your computer. Open it in Adobe Reader and print it out. We recommend laminating the cards if you have the supplies at home. The game will last longer.  You can also purchase self-laminating sheets form your local office supply store.

Cut out the 30 game pieces and place the graphic design face down. Note the direction of the image.  Place one of each photo or illustration on top of the graphic design.  Laminate and play!  As an alternative, you can cut out the pieces and use a glue stick to secure the front and back.

Keep track of who wins and have a Grand Prize Winner at the end of the holiday!

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