How to choose the perfect Mezuzah

At Apeloig Collection, we understand the importance of choosing a Mezuzah that reflects your identity and gives you a sense of security and peace. With our curated selection of handcrafted Mezuzahs and meaningful designs, we invite you to explore and find the perfect piece for your home.

Car Mezuzah

This is not really a mezuzah, it’s just a cute marketing name. It has a travelers prayer inside and it is packed like a Mezuzah, So please: DO NOT PLACE THIS ON YOUR DOOR!

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Small, Medium, Large & Xlarge

To choose one of these sizes there are 2 VARIABLES to consider: Scroll Size & Door Type

1. Scroll Size

There are different standard scroll sizes: 7cm. 10cm. 12cm, 15cm,20cm and up.

*We do not have a case for 7cm scrolls,nor 20cm + Our cases are designed for the most popular scroll sizes: 10cm. 12cm and 15cm

*The size of the scroll chosen often depends on a person's level of religiousness. Orthodox people like to use 12cm and up, while 10cm are selected more often by Conservative and Reformed. This is based on our general observations, experience, and customer purchasing habits.. We are here to help you select a size.

2. Door Type:

You can choose the size of your mezuzah case based on your door size, ceiling height or level of importance

Small Mezuzah Cases

Look great on bedrooms, garage doors, storage rooms, and smaller spaces. If your doorframe is thin then the small case will adapt better than the medium case.

Medium Mezuzah Cases

Follow the same rule as the small but if you like to see a little more of the acrylic material and you are not limited by the door frame size then medium is what you’ll love.

Large Mezuzah Cases

Look good on rooms or doors with higher ceilings.

X-Large Mezuzah Cases

Best for a big main door, to give it more importance due to the proportion of the door.

3. Materials:

Translucent Background, Solid Background, Embedded Material. Our mezuzah cases are all clear with a layer of colored acrylic in the back. When you see the mezuzah case from the front it looks like it is an entirely colored acrylic piece because of the effect it gets from the way the light travels. When you see the case from the side you see ¾ of the piece clear acrylic and ¼ colored.

Some of the colors are solid, some translucent, and some are embedded with a material inside.

Mezuzah Small

Mezuzah Medium

Mezuzah Large

Mezuzah X-Large